Vertical Reel Lifters

A range of compact and powerful 'In-Core' Reel Lifters lifting up to 1000Kg!

Powerful, 'In-Core' Roll Lifting!

The Weston™ Handling Consultancy introduces its innovative range of compact ‘In-Core’ Reel & Roll Lifters, the “Roll-Devil’s”™. The “Roll-Devil’s”™ are available for virtually any diameter of core.


Designed and built in-house, these simple, yet powerful devices grip directly into your reel’s core, biting deeper and gripping harder as the load gets heavier! The only limiting factor, is the integrity of your cores!

The Weston™ 6” Twin-Blade Roll-Devil™ Vertical Reel Lifter

See these 5 features of the new;

Weston™ Roll-Devil™ Twin-Blade, Vertical Roll Lifter:


·      Lightweight

·      Compact

·      Powerful

·      Easily maintained

·      Inexpensive!

Available in standard sizes, or...Many variants!