ACKPad® Anti-Crush Kick-Pad

The Weston™ ACKPad “Anti-Crush Kick-Pad” fits easily to virtually all powered Pedestrian Trucks and immediately reduces the risk of injuries and damage!


  • Save Operators from Injury!
  • Save on Insurance Claims!
  • Save Equipment from Damage!
  • Cost Effective and Easily Fitted!
  • Fits most Pedestrian Trucks!

Designed and built as an Anti-Crush Kick-Pad for powered Pedestrian Trucks of all types. The ACKPad has been developed by the Weston Handling Consultancy.


The ACKPad fits around the base of the truck and is connected to the truck’s existing “Anti-Crush Stomach Button” on the Tiller Arm.


The ACKPad therefore offers much greater all-round protection for the operator and protection of nearby equipment.