Slitter-Rewinder Unload Systems by Weston Handling

Uniquely: Inventive, Effective and Safe!

NEW! Slitter Unload Trucks with built-in Crane!

AND... Direct Unloading from Rewind Shafts! 

Unloads all reels from Slitter bars in one go! RaSHCo "VV" Slitter Unload Reel Truck Unloading Titan Slitter

The Weston designed RaSHCo "VV" Slitter Unload System comprises of a combination, Reel Handling/Reel Turning truck, matched with a RaSHCo Vertical Reel Lifter, (VRL).


 To see a video of the RaSHCo "VV" Slitter Rewinder Unloading System in action, Click here: PALLETISING REELS FROM A RaSHCo SLITTER UNLOAD TRUCK 


The VRL is generally crane mounted, but for low enough reel weights, the RaSHCo "VV" Reel truck can be fitted with its own swing-jib crane, making the whole system, easily portable. 

We Have the Design Capability to Match Your Requirement EXACTLY!