Weston ACKPad® “Anti-Crush Kick-Pad”


The Weston™ ACKPad® “Anti-Crush Kick-Pad” fits easily to virtually all powered Pedestrian Trucks and immediately reduces the risk of injuries and damage!
  • Save Operators from Injury!
  • Save on Insurance Claims!
  • Save Equipment from Damage!
  • Cost Effective and Easily Fitted!
  • Fits most Pedestrian Trucks!
  • Inexpensive!

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Designed and built as an Anti-Crush Kick-Pad for powered Pedestrian Trucks of all types. The ACKPad® has been developed by the Weston Handling Consultancy.


The ACKPad® is customiseable to fit almost ANY Electric truck!


The ACKPad fits around the base of the truck and is connected to the truck’s existing “Anti-Crush Stomach Button” on the Tiller Arm.


The ACKPad therefore offers much greater all-round protection for  the operator and protection of nearby equipment.


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