The Weston Lift Truck Range

Weston Handling has developed its own range of Stacker Trucks that can be modified and fitted with the attachment you need for your reel and roll handling solution.  British built in a robust steel design, with modifications available to handle loads up to 2000Kg, the Weston Stacker Truck Range is helping to revolutionise reel and roll handling.

weston Pedestrian Stacker Trucks The new Weston™ range

Innovative features...

Anti-Crush Systems,

(ACKPlate, ACKPad, ACKBelt)!


Weston Stacker Trucks are fitted with this innovative safety feature to protect operators.  ACKPlate's, ACKPad's & our NEW, ACKBelt safety devices, when touched activate the emergency stop to prevent feet from becoming caught or run over.

'Gull Wing' Doors and Automatic Maintenance Lights!


Weston Lift Trucks are easy to maintain.  Unrivalled access to components is given with our inventive 'gull wing' doors and the Automatic Maintenance Lights ensure that repairs or alterations can be performed quickly and easily.

Weston Trucks take you where other stacker trucks can't go!


Most pedestrian Stacker Trucks, 'Ground-Out', IE: get stuck on the apex when negotiating a ramp. NOT Weston Stackers!


With our innovative 'Arched-Leg' and 'fixed Angled Mast' designs, (Patents Pending), Weston Stacker Trucks can ascend and descend slopes or uneven surfaces with ease, whilst at the same time increasing stability as the load is lifted. Fantastic!


All our trucks now come with this design feature available, with the lengths and space between the 'Arched-Legs' customisable to meet your needs.

World Beating Specialist Handling Trucks....

Stacker Truck with Built-in Vacuum Pump and Built-on Swing Jib Crane and Vacuum Lifter!



How many pallet or truck Loading/Unloading applications can YOU think of that could be made easier & safer  with a Vacuum Lifter in the right place at the right time? ALWAYS!


Built-In, Built-On, Building-on... Excellence!

Slitter Unload Truck with Built-on Crane, Hoist an Vertical Roll Lifter!


How many millions of Tonnes of flexible materials to be used for Packaging, Printing, Labels, etc., are Manually Handled each day....


Now, look below at just some of the unique solutions to these issues, developed by the WHC.


Motorised Weston Trucks


With options for both semi-Traction batteries for compactness and full Traction batteries for high power, our Electric Drive stacker trucks have been designed with an easy-access built in recharge points.  Controls are simple to use and ergonomically placed to be practcial and efficient for the operator.

Attachments available for the Weston Stacker Truck Range include:

  • LV Reel Cradles for tilting and lifting reels/rolls
  • Reel Turners
  • Slitter/Rewinder Unload & Palletizing (Duplex & Simplex)
  • Side-ways LV Cradles and Rotating Cradles
  • Swing-Jib Crane Booms
  • Shaft Extractors
  • Coater & Printer Head Lifters
  • Drum Lifters
  • And many more! Just ask....