Make your latest safety decision... your easiest!

 The ACKPad® & ACKBelt® are cost effective and easily fitted safety devices developed by thWeston Handling Consultancy, to help improve the safety of virtually all your powered pedestrian trucks.

The self-contained, protective, ACKPad® & ACKBelt® immediately reduces the risk of injuries to your staff and damage to your plant!

Fitting ACKPad's & ACKBelt's to your fast moving powered trucks, is your easiest way of installing cost effective, innovative safety features that can instantly give you greater   protection for the operator and for plant and equipment, giving you a faster payback! 


Fitting around the base of your powered pedestrian trucks, ACKPad® & ACKBelt® connect directly to your existing, tried & tested, Tiller Arm" Anti-Crush Stomach Button". Increasing the detection area of an impact by typically, over 800%!


ACKPad's can be moulded to the shape of your truck and can even enhance your design features, or be mounted on Aluminium rail, which is fitted to your truck. (NB: Both options are made to accurate drawings of you truck base.


However, the ACKBelt has now been developed, to give you quick and easy fitting to almost any shape, following it's form. ACKBelt's can be retrofitted to most makes and models of trucks. Making it ideal for retrofitting to mixed truck fleets.

ACKPad's give you customised style!                ACKBelt's give you Versatility!                       Which is it suits you better? Watch the video...

ACKPad® - Custom Molded!

The ACKPad® can be customised to fit almost any Electric Powered Vehicles.


ACKPad® kits are now available to fit different makes and models.  At Weston Handling Consultancy we know how trucks differ, so we can offer the innovative solution you need to fit your trucks. Contact us to find out more about our customisable systems!


For more information, see the ACKPad®   Datasheet below.


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10 reasons why YOU should you be an ACKPad®/ACKBelt® Distributor...

1.  An aftermarket sale for all electric powered pedestrian trucks, new and used, that Improves Safety and Reduces Damage by around 800%!

2.  We can drop-ship in bulk to save you time and money.

3.  Your customers will appreciate being shown a useful new tool to reduce their cost of injuries to personnel and damages to racks, pallets, products and equipment.

4.  Priced right.  Excellent value for your customers that will easily pay for itself through reduced damage costs and increased driver productivity.

5.  Your sales people can use ACKPad® demos to get appointments and open doors to potential new lift truck customers.

6.  Your sales people become more valuable by showing your customers an innovative new product that they had not seen before.

7.  Your rental customers will gladly pay a small extra fee for an ACKPad® to help their drivers work easier and faster with fewer mistakes.

8.  The ACKPad® will link into other Truck Monitoring Systems or can be supplied with its own Truck Monitoring System.

9.  CUSTOMIZABLE to suit almost ANY Electric Powered Truck.

10. No maintenance required: just:   "FIT & FORGET!"

Interested in becoming an ACKPad® distributor?