The Best of British Design!

NEW….Weston™ Reel Trucks, launched! 


The latest Weston™ LVretta  "LV" Reel Handling trucks have just been completed and are already improving the UK's export balance, (second one went to the USA, sixth one is going to Poland).


This is the latest and most innovative Pedestrian Stacker type truck to be designed for decades, (with just a nod to Great British styling of the Mod era!) and is incredibly flexible in its design, to allow easy customisation to your specific needs. 


FYI: We have many more in build, with a range of variations. Models come in a wide variety of configurations, from short masted Reel Transporters, to Slitter Unload Trucks, to Reel Clamp Trucks and even Pedestrian Fork Trucks and Tug Trucks , They will all be available with custom width and length of the legs, or, as fully Counterbalanced Pedestrian trucks! 


International distributors are now being sought to offer the Weston Reel Handling equipment.


Contact us now for more details!