What we do is solve your handling problems!

"Think Outside the box" Test Area

What we do is solve your problems by offering you a standard solution to your problem, first. 


Where your problem is more complex, or complicated; requires 'downshop' integration, or multi-site compliance; etc., we offer you our consultancy service, to help you get it right!

So, why use the Weston Handling Consultancy Service?

The Weston Handling Consultancy, (WHC Ltd), methodology comprises basically of:

  • A study of the materials to be handled, the operational environment and YOU! The client.    (Up to this point, most other companies would do something similar).
  • But then things change, because Stephen Weston then mixes in a unique understanding of how and WHY the operators do the job the way they do and how THEY feel it needs to be improved.
  • He will gain a balanced understanding of what management and operatives want to achieve and WHY, (Eg: Compliance with legislation, improved productivity, etc.) and what can be achieved within the budget.
  • WHC Ltd will then propose two or three solutions including the simplest option and the highest return option, (can be the same).
  • Produce a report with recommendations and an outline specification that the client can put out to tender. If the WHC Ltd quotes for the job and wins the order, the consultancy fee, or an agreed proportion, will be deducted.

By engaging the services of the Weston Handling Consultancy, you will be assured first of all, that your handling issues are being assessed by a leading innovator* in your field. Secondly, that should you order the solutions proposed by WHC Ltd from us, the equipment is being manufactured by experienced and specialist manufacturers chosen for their capabilities from around the world.

 Want to see more evidence that the Weston Handling Consultancy knows its stuff?.....

(* Click INVENTIONS to see The Discovery Channel report on Stephen Weston)

(Click HERE to see Videos of Reel Handling equipment designed by Stephen Weston)

 Here are some FACTS, gained from year of experience in both selling and designing Handling equipment and solutions....

When contemplating change, (and we must all contemplate change), many managers hate the idea of employing consultants, whom they see as a wasteful expense, preferring instead to use in house staff to liaise with a range of suppliers to find a way forward.

However, all too often, this simply results in a “beauty parade” of several suppliers plying their existing goods, without taking into account the holistic view of the impact of implementing Ad-hoc solutions.

It is a fact, that in most cases when a piece of handling equipment is introduced to overcome a manual handling issue, production times will increase, not decrease.

It is a fact, that in many cases when a piece of handling equipment is introduced to overcome a manual handling issue, the operators prefer to go back to manually handling the goods, as they see this as easier and more preferable than using the new equipment.

It is a fact, that Stephen Weston understands these issues and has many times designed equipment and procedures that can maximise operator buy-in, minimise lost production time and has often achieved this with a practical, low cost system.

Bowed Roll Project-Indonesian Papermill

Stephen Weston has extensive expertise and knowledge of reel handling: from Papermaking, to Blown Film extrusion and from Printing & Laminating to Food Packaging and all converting industries in between. This experience has been gained internationally, as far afield as Canada, Europe, Indonesia, Scandinavia, South Africa, Thailand, The Philippines & Turkey. He has several patents to his name and has produced many more innovations & designs for earlier employers.

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Overview of our services

  • Give you an independent assessment of your needs
  • Study and develop practical Handling solutions
  • Sell innovative and practical Reel Handling equipment
  • Sell a very wide range of Pedestrian operated Handling Trucks
  • Sell you what you need, not just what we sell!

To find out more about our services:

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