Profile of an Award Winning Inventor...

                                       As Seen (Globally) on TV!

A Winning Perspective!

Weston Handling Consultancy is led by Stephen Weston, a renowned inventor and innovator, who's inventiveness was 'discovered' and featured by The Discovery Channel in 2011!


In 2012, he won Double Gold Awards at the prestigious, British Invention of the Year Awards, held at the Barbican Centre, London. Since then in 2013, he has been featured worldwide on TV, Radio and in press articles, including programmes on the BBC, ITV, CBS and cable TV and globally on news, science & technology, consumer and motoring websites!


Stephen has spent his working life in technical, problem solving roles which, together with his innovative spirit, has led him to run his own companies dedicated to developing and marketing ground breaking and practical products.


Building on this success, Stephen works as a "Sleeves-up" consultant, offering companies a target led analysis of Handling and production issues, based on over three decades of multi-industry experience, that combine operator 'buy-in' with management expectations. His easy presentation style leads to informative and entertaining presentations and training sessions, that instill knowledge and confidence.


In 2013, the Weston Handling Consultancy Ltd, teamed up with a trusted group of engineering companies and designers to skillfully produce effective Handling solutions from his unique ideas.

Just a few of Stephen's Industrial Designs.......

Stephen has traveled worldwide, consulting and developing innovative handling and process solutions in the paper, film & foil, packaging and converting industries. These and Stephen's other inventions, attracted attention from venture capital investors with whom, he founded The Reel and Shaft Handling Company, (RaSHCo), in 2005. During his time with RaSHCo, Stephen's inventiveness was sought out by companies around the world, seeking simple solutions to their reel handling problems and he developed many innovative and custom made solutions, many of them for world-leading blue-chip companies.

When in December 2010, he was granted a Europe-wide patent, for his ground-breaking invention, a Seatbelt Harness for Pregnant Women in cars, Stephen gained international recognition after the story of his invention was given worldwide coverage and The Discovery Channel's "Daily Planet" science programme, sent a production team to report on the harness's development and Stephen's inventiveness. 

Now, the Weston Handling Consultancy concentrates on providing a first class supply and consultancy service for those companies who are serious about looking to improve the safe handling of reels, rolls or materials in their factories. In tune with this, Stephen Weston has put together a unique range of specialist materials handling equipment that helps eliminate materials handling problems in many common applications.


The Weston Handling Consultancy gives YOU......

  • An expert analysis of your handling problem
  • An independent report on your handling needs, offering solutions suited to your budget and requirements. 
  • A wide range of materials handling trucks, trolleys and manipulators, from 100Kg to 10T.
  • Interim management and Project Management.
  • Personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics

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